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www.berlinfuehrungen offers guided sightseeing tours through Berlin, Potsdam and Berlin's surrounding areas by car or by foot. Whether you choose to experience Berlin in a day tour, with a class, your company, or on a family trip,  you will be guided through the streets of Berlin by a friendly, professional expert.
Sight seeing tours are available by foot, bus, public transportation, boat, bicycle- the options are endless.

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Wolfgang Bleck-Schneider

The quality of my tour is guaranteed by my extensive experience, my education and training and my solid reputation. I offer tours in German, English and, as a native „Berliner“, in the „ Berliner Schnauze“- Berlin's own dialect. Other languages can be arranged. On this website we will provide you with an overview of what we offer and what possibilities you have to explore Berlin and its surroundings including Potsdam, Sachsenhausen, the Spreewald, the Oderbruch and much more.

Just take a look around and enjoy!

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